Logabout is...

A place for the RV and camping community to keep track of their trips and share their experiences with others. The content here is user-driven. We as a community, will make the site what it is. RVers and campers all share a common thread and Logabout is a place for us to connect, no matter what road we travel.

What can you do on Logabout?

Add your trips, tell us about your favorite campsites, show us your pictures of where you have been. Someone else will thank you! In turn, you may just be inspired by someone else's trip and walk away with new ideas for your next adventure!


1. I know this site is being tested and is in beta right now, but will there be a cost in the future?

This service is FREE and will always be free to the RV and camping community. We want it to be a community that everyone can use, so we plan on having tasteful ads for products that are relevant and supported by our community. In the future, we will possibly have add-on features for a small fee.

2. How did this site come about?

As a full time RVer I had a hard time finding a place online to get all the information I needed on camp spots and trips. I also wanted a place to organize all my trips so I could see where I've been and share it with family and friends.

3. Are you too busy for feedback or suggestions?

Bring them on! We are in Beta right now, so we welcome all users to give us suggestions and tell us what would make the community a better place. Please be patient though, we only have one code monkey!