So what exactly is a gadget? Find out here.

The logabout gadget can be used in different ways.

  1. On your own blog or website - You have a blog and you want to show people where you are and where you've been. You can embed the gadget on your blog (typically in the sidebar) and configure it to show your latest waypoints or camp spots. The example to the left is used to track a user called sangoma. You can see an example on blogspot here.
  2. On iGoogle or Google Desktop - A convenient way for friends and family to see where your are. If they use the iGoogle portal or Google desktop they can add your gadget to their personalized home page to see your latest position. Try it now by clicking on the +google button below the gadget on the left.
  1. How do I get started

    Sign up for a free account here. Set your waypoint privacy setting to public (a gadget is always public). Create your first waypoints.

  2. How do I add the gadget to iGoogle

    Click on the +Google button below the gadget displayed on this page. Follow the instructions and change the gadget settings to a logabout user you would like to follow.

  3. How do I embed the gadget on my blog

    To show the gadget on your own blog or web site you need to add a piece of Html / Javascript to the page. Google provides an easy page creator that will provide you with the exact code you need to add. You can customize the title / size and border of the gadget. Also remember to enter the username of the logabout user you would like to track. The gadget works best with the standard height of 330px and a width of at least 250px (You can use a smaller width but the map infowindows might not center correctly). Click Here to go to Google page creator.